High Reaches Presents... Chicks With Kicks

Chicks with Kicks, Take a S.T.A.N.C.E. Self-Defense Education course is designed and taught by women for women. Two female black belts provide a focused, fun, well-balanced seminar.

The course is designed to bring awareness, competence and real skills to real life situations. Basic principles that are taught include:

  • criminal mindset
  • victimization mindset
  • strike zones
  • rape escape scenarios
  • common sense awareness applications

The two hour seminar begins with lecture and student interaction. The second part of the course is hands-on physical training designed for all fitness levels. It all comes down to Defensive Tactics Training: stances, voice drills, basic strikes, basic kicks, combinations and escapes. Learn that you have options and choices you can make in an attack situation.

"Woman must not depend on the protection of man but must be taught to defend herself."

    -Susan B. Anthony 1871

In house seminars: 2 hour seminar, call for prices (minimum of 6 guaranteed participants)

We come to your location: 2 hour seminar, call for prices (minimum of 10 guaranteed participants)
  • Generally available times are Wednesday evenings or Saturdays.
  • We do not recommend ages under 11 as the material is mature. Mother/daughter attendees do receive a discount.
  • Businesses receive a corporate discount for groups of 20 or more.
  • All seminars must meet the minimum participant requirement.

If you book a seminar with 10 or more people, your own seminar fee is waived. We can come to just about any location that has enough room to maneuver about. A successful seminar at your location begins with light refreshments and plenty of water or sport drinks for your guests. At our location, we provide the refreshments.

Call 419-289-8771 or 440-759-6633 for more information or to schedule.